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Influencer Academy: Is It True? Challenging The Stories We Tell Our Children

Vegas Inc 2016 Woman to Watch Acceptance Speech


Jeanette is an accomplished speaker, panelist and workshop facilitator with audiences ranging from 12 to 65. She enjoys working with women and girls, and hopes to one day stand in front of a room full of dads to talk daughters. Her most recent speeches and workshops have been:

“The CEO of YOU: Taking Charge of Your Destiny”

“Love, Me: Love Letters to your Past and Future Self”

”Girls for Progress: Working on My Self(ie)”

“Is it True? Challenging the Stories We Tell Our Children”

Jeanette is able to design content on any of the following topics,
be it a keynote or an interactive workshop:

Purposeful Self Talk; Purposeful Girl Talk, Social Influence and Girls, Love Letters To Your Younger Self, Love Letters to Your Future Self, Raising Strong and Empowered Girls, Messaging and It’s Role in Your Self Esteem; Growing Up in the Shadow of Addiction (Adult Children of Alcoholics).

Jeanette has been featured in:


“Your workshop yesterday was amazing. I felt the air knocked out of my for a second and I got a little emotional. It really spoke to me and inspired me.”

– Kristina

“You inspired me to get out of my funk. I am a vulnerable person, and discussing emotions does not come naturally to me. The fact that I was able to do so during your exercise spoke volumes”

– Angela

“Wow! Everywhere I looked, women were madly jotting down notes to remember important pieces. It was such an amazing day of learning, bonding, community and growth!”

– Nikki Warren, Co-Founder, Kaia Fit

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Sarah Hall Productions, Inc. 
Public Relations
145 Hudson Street, Suite 404 New York, NY 10013




I challenge women to explore their LORE, the folklore and messaging that has shaped their lives.

Exercises enable women to dig into what they have been programmed to believe through early experiences, including messages that may be holding them back.

We “do the work” together, including guiding readers through love letters to their younger and future selves, visualizations, and writing exercises to evolve self messaging – and ideally more purposeful messaging for our daughters.

We’re creating big conversations to enable heartfelt transformation. The ultimate outcome is to inspire growth, and maybe even catharsis, that has life-changing potential.